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77-6300 ALI’I DR. Kailua-Kona, HI      LP:  $4,500,000   Land Area:  33,979 sq.ft   MLS#: 270659


This property on Ali’i Drive is also known as Lyman Hale.  This sensational piece of the Big Island really is meant to be shared; there is a natural uplifted stage that has been enhanced (just like the fresh water pond was enhanced into a swimming pool).  This natural “stage” has been attracting people for centuries.  You can imagine the Menehune standing on the same spot, wishing for a way to ride the waves at either Lyman’s or Banyan’s, yearning to ride just like the dolphins do. The Hawaiians arrived with their long wooden boards which evolved into the state of the art sport that exists today. The legacy which began with the Menehune will continue on at the beloved Lyman Hale…with the right developer.  A very unique opportunity, with zoning to match. Take part in the evolution of a magical piece of island history.

Why This Real Estate Matters…

1.  Ali’i drive is the main thoroughfare on the Kona side of the island.  It is the street most frequented by every level of tourist and visitor.  It is the place where everyone spends their money.

2. The Lyman Hale is not just another property with a nice view.  It does have a true pedigree, and is ideally situated in the perfect location on Ali’i – walking distance to both the most attractive surf break and the economically thriving “Coconut Grove”.  It is in the sweet spot and the hot spot.  A cosmic real estate miracle if ever there was one.

3.  There are plenty of “vacation rentals” nearby, and of course there are hotels to the north (which, by the way, sell to capacity on a regular basis).  But this is the prime spot for a boutique hotel, or condos.  This is essentially the last bit of property available on Ali’i that still makes it easy for people living or visiting to live in a private, luxurious setting, yet still be able to walk up the street and mingle with the tourists and the locals at the restaurants and clubs just up the way.  This is the last available piece of land on the strip that is, in every way imaginable, primed and ready to generate large sums of money.

4. This is a premier site for a prestigious surf retreat!  Zoning allows for up 27 condos, each with views of world class surfing. Zoning allows for many resort-type options.

5. The seller is motivated!  It is a bargain, a historical and cultural treasure, and an untapped fountain of cash.


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